Windmills on State Lands?

US Wind Force has requested the opportunity to lease about 400 acres atop Backbone and Meadow Mountains, located in the Potomac-Garrett and Savage River state forests, with a total of around 100 turbines at the two locations. -Cumberland - Wind power companies vie for Garrett mountaintops (12 December 2007)

Maryland Wind Resource Map

This map indicates that Maryland has wind resources consistent with utility-scale production. Several areas of the state are estimated to have good-to-excellent wind resource. These are the barrier islands along the Atlantic coast, the southeastern shore of Chesapeake Bay, and ridge crests in the western part of the state, west of Cumberland.

Maryland Wind Resource Map (click here for a larger view)

Source: U.S. Department of Energy. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. (31 May 2007). (4 Feb 2008).





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